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Get to know the EIC

Who are we?

The Entrepreneur Innovation Center is a hybrid co-working/incubator space in the Metro West region. Work alongside entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, ranging from IT to Fashion Design, and even Nutrition, who all plan to build their business in the Metro West area. The Center provides startup entrepreneurs with the resources, time, and space to help turn their ideas into actual businesses in the shared work area, where members connect with each other, collaborate, and exchange ideas.

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The center and the community


The Center provides startup entrepreneurs with the resources, time, and space to help turn their ideas into actual businesses in the shared work area, where members connect with each other, collaborate, and exchange ideas.


It provides student interns from Framingham State University, available to help with various size projects for the members. Each semester, the EIC looks for new interns to work closely with entrepreneurs running start-up businesses.

Our Beginnings

The Entrepreneur Innovation Center at FSU, established in 2013 by Dr. Robert Krim, Dr. Erastus Ndinguri, and a group of other FSU professors, stands as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs in the MetroWest area. Dr. Krim, an Associate Professor at Framingham State University in the Department of Business with a background in founding and leading companies, brought his expertise and vision to create a nurturing space for innovation. Drawing from his extensive experience in entrepreneurship and innovation, Krim and his colleagues envisioned a hub that not only provided physical space but also cultivated an environment of collaboration, learning, and support. The center started off in a classroom, moved to historic Framingham Centre Common, and is now settled in its current location – conveniently off of Route 9 and close to Framingham State University’s main campus. Since its inception, the center has been instrumental in fostering the growth of numerous startups, offering resources, mentorship, and a vibrant community for entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and industries. Through its evolution, the center has become a catalyst for economic growth, embodying the spirit of innovation and resilience.

Jonathan Maynard Building in Framingham, MA

Our Team

Christy Garcia portrait

Christy Garcia

Director of Entrepreneur Innovation Center (EIC) at the Framingham State University where she works directly with local entrepreneurs and FSU business faculty and students.

Garcia is a business executive with more than 20 years of experience, including 15 years dedicated to Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Most recently she was the founder of the Catalyze Innovations Initiative, where she spearheaded the launch of several Innovation Bootcamp programs, including a BIPOC Entrepreneurship program, training and mentoring more than 100 entrepreneurs in applying disruptive innovation to achieve business prosperity, social-economic growth, and inclusion. Author of two Brazilian reference books for companies that want to innovate. Christy has already supported more than 200 companies in Brazil and abroad. She has participated in the 2020 Fellowship Program at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, with mentoring of Efosa Ojomo. She is a great disseminator of Prof. Christensen’s theories of innovation, especially those related to the vision of creating new markets with the potential to generate lasting prosperity. Christy is also a Lecturer for Entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan Management School.

Jillian Hansen portrait

Jillian Hansen

Jillian is the General and Internship Coordinator for the Spring 2024 semester. She was formerly the Marketing Coordinator for the Center during the Fall 2023 semester. Jillian is a senior Marketing major with minors in International Business and Business Administration at Framingham State University. As the General and Internship Coordinator, Jillian provides resources and assistance to both members and interns, and also updates information on the EIC website. She has interests in globalization of business and marketing analytics. Jillian returned for a second semester at the Center because of the networking opportunities the Center provides to not only students, but also local Metro West entrepreneurs.

Kenzy FSU headshot

Kenzy Bakr El Sayed

Kenzy is the Marketing Coordinator for the Spring 2024 semester! Kenzy is a sophomore Communication Arts major with a minor in marketing at Framingham State University. As the marketing coordinator, Kenzy is responsible for planning and posting social media posts, as well as advertising events and programs for the Center. Kenzy is very involved on campus at Framingham State – she is a member of the Marketing Club and the Dance Team. Kenzy is interested in digital marketing and entrepreneurship and hopes that her time as Marketing Coordinator will improve her skills in both areas.

Tayla Headshot

Tayla Alfred

Tayla is the Programs Coordinator for the Spring 2024 semester! Tayla is a sophomore Health and Wellness major with a public health concentration at Framingham State University. As the Programs Coordinator, Tayla is responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing programs hosted by the Center. She will be hosting a Conversations and Networking Mixer with local Black-owned businesses in April. Tayla is interested in entrepreneurship, especially creating equity for black and brown communities, as well as holistic wellness and communications. Tayla believes that entrepreneurship is the future of our society, and that it is a skill everyone should have regardless of industry.



Zachary Headshot

Zachary Boyer

Zach is the Membership Coordinator for the Spring 2024 semester! Zach is a senior Business Management major at Framingham State University with a minor in Entrepreneurship. As the membership coordinator, Zach helps keep the directory updated, books reservations for our working spaces, and provides tours of the Center to provide membership information. Outside of the internship, Zach is interested in the yachting industry and furthering his entrepreneurship knowledge to one day launch a business. Through his time at the Center, Zach hopes to get hands-on experience of what it is like to start a business.

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