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Entrepreneurship Course


The College of Business (COB), FSU’s newest college, is home to three academic departments with eight undergraduate programs of study. The 800 undergraduate majors and 100 graduate students in the COB share a common interest in the multi-faceted world of business. Students in the COB have a diverse array of opportunities to learn about financial markets, business ethics, the global dimensions of business, data analytics, economics, strategic decision-making, marketing, principles of management, information management tools, and teamwork. 

ENTR 300
Entrepreneurship, Start Your Own Business 

Study of the challenges and opportunities of starting up a business.

ENTR 301
Cultivating and Managing Innovation

What drives successful innovation? How are innovations transformed into profitable and/or social change organizations? .

ENTR 302
Social Entrepreneurship

What are your key steps in learning how to make a new enterprise happen? Hybrids, poverty, and sustainability are all part of what a student needs to understand in order to help make changes small and large.

ENTR 495
Entrepreneurs Interns’ Seminar Practicum

A supervised practical experience for qualified students in the Entrepreneur Innovation Center. 

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