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Academic Programs

FSU offers 60 undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts and humanities, behavioral and social sciences, and professional fields.

Arts and Humanities

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The College of Arts and Humanities is home to six academic departments with ten academic programs. Our 810 students share in experiences that promote cross-cultural understanding, empathetic initiative, and innovative productivity. The arts and humanities disciplines drive a desire to explore what it means to be human. Students articulate values, define identity, and interpret discourse as they navigate a rigorous, intellectually challenging curricula.

Science,Technology,Engineering & Mathematics

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The College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) consists of seven academic departments. The College offers Bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Food and Nutrition, Food Science, Mathematics, and Nursing, as well as various minors. STEM offers courses in a broad range of scientific topics relevant to modern-day society.

Education & Social and Behavioral Science

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The College of Education & Social and Behavioral Sciences (ESBS), the largest college at FSU, is home to five academic departments with eight academic programs.

FSU is proud to be the oldest public teachers college in the United States, and we carry on that tradition today with our up-to-date and innovative Department of Education, which offers undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate education programs leading to Initial and Professional educator licensure in Massachusetts. 


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The College of Business (CoB), FSU’s newest college, is home to three academic departments with eight undergraduate programs of study. The 800 undergraduate majors and 100 graduate students in the CoB share a common interest in the multi-faceted world of business. Students in the CoB have a diverse array of opportunities to learn about financial markets, business ethics, the global dimensions of business, data analytics, economics, strategic decision-making, marketing, principles of management, information management tools, and teamwork. 

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